Chios is here, magical, fragrant and unique. An alternative ecotourism destination rich in history, traditions, fragrants, flora and fauna. A land blessed to produce Mastiha, cultivation of which has been enscripted to the UNSESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. A very Greek Island offering visitors an authentic taste of Greek hospitality flavored with unique aromas.

Words and pictures are not enough. You may read but you won’t feel. You may see pictures but you won’t smell. There is only one way to unveil its secrets: Be a traveler, not a tourist.

At the Northeast Aegean Sea, Chios invites friends to unveil her secrets. What are you waiting for?


91 beaches nestling almost everywhere around of the Chios landscape; crowded or remote; cosmopolitan or unexplored; one thing is certain: they all have a story to tell! Unveil their secret by diving into their crystal blue Aegean waters or lying under the Chios sun on sand or pebbles. Choice is yours but definitely if you go around the island will find your story.

No one who loves the sea could ever leave Chios dissatisfied. You don’t want to go far from the town? The beaches of Ormos tou Lo (=Lo’s Bay) and Tagma Despoti are at your disposal. You are into sea sports? Bella Vista and Afanis Naftis (=Unknown Sailor) are perfect for wind surfing. You want to combine legend with pleasure? Swim at the beach of Daskalopetra, where Homer was supposed to sit on a stone and teach. “Daskalopetra” actually means “teaching stone”.

• If you like white pebbles, the endless beach of Yossonas and the crystal waters of the Bay of Nágos await you a short distance from Kardamylla.

• Mavra Volia is an amazing beach with black pebbles. Go there to enjoy the magic of the volcanic scenery and the taste of fresh fish at the nearby tavernas at the picturesque Emporios village.

• For lovers of fine white sand, the cosmopolitan beach of Komi in the south of the island is a must.

• For families there is Lithi, southwest to the island 5 km from Vessa.

• If your ideal beach has crystal turquise waters and is remote, then Agia Dinami, close to Olympoi village, will blow your mind!

• If you fancy beach bars, enjoy yourselves in Lilikas to the south or in Limnia and Managros to the north.

• For the young of all ages, the pebbled beach of Agia Fotini, also known as Agia Fotiá (=Sacred Fire) is a must see and swim while Paralia ton Glaron (=Seagulls’ beach), with its turquoise waters and thick sand, host DJ sets.

Mastiha Walk

An alternative way to experience the magnificent Island of Chios. A 7 days- 6 nights program for those they are willing to come closer to nature while they will enhance their vacations with the essences and the delightful scenes of fragrant Chios.

Starting with Volissos, the largest village in NorthWest Chios, the island will deploy its beauty on unique walking paths, churches and a Winery where accordance to mythology, God Dionysos was holding his feasts sharing this wine. Few breaths before unveiling Kampos area, we will explore the most important cave of Northern Chios, the Agio Galas cave and its surroundings.

Kampos, well maintained behind eminent boundary walls dated from 14th century, where Genovese and Chian noblemen had their summer mansions surrounded by the famous Chian mandarin and the spectacular fragrant of Chios yasmin,. Mesta, Olympoi and Pyrgi among the 24 Mastihohoria (villages proud to produce Mastiha) will let us to discover with the participation of the community concerned, know-how of cultivating mastiha on the island of Chios which recently has been added to the national inventory of intangible cultural heritage maintained by UNESCO. Highlights of the trip:

Visit the significant caves of Chios, The Cave of Olympoi and the Cave of Agio Galas.
Stay and exploration of the most well preserved medieval settlement in the Aegean, the village of Mesta.
A Bike ride to the historical area of Kampos, a rich environment of Architecture, history and fragrant citrus groves.

Food and drinks

Chios is proud of its gastronomy where recipes to local dishes are a combination of Chian, Genovese and Asia Minor influences and the results are sufficient enough to make a gastronomy tour on the island a memorable experience.

Starting with Mastiha a product recognised by the European Union as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), due to the efforts made by the Chios Mastiha Growers Association and its subsidiary Mediterra S.A.

Mastiha is a tear that pleases, perfumes, relieves and heals. It can be an ingredient of almost any recipe, no matter of food, desert, medicine or drink.

If you found yourself in Chios don’t hesitate to try Mastiha liquor or the famous Mastiha submarine.

In Chios there is a saying: Everything can be sweet. Literally tea spoon sweet. Citrus fruit, mandarin, orange, bitter orange, rosehip, lemon flower (a rare and unique flavour!), pistachio, mini figs, eggplant, onions. And if it cannot be tea spoon sweet then can be “toursi” (=pikklie). Maintained in vinegar onion, garlic, kritamo, kaper, and the list extends to whatever you can imagine. A short walk to the main market of Chios will give you a taste of what Chios’s imagination can do to satisfy your taste.

Honey is also a product that Chios and particularly the nearby island of Psara is proud of. It is spread above hot loukoumades (=honey puff donuts) and is used to connect sesame together resulting the famous Chios Pasteli, a trade mark of local paniyiria (feasts). Homemade and uniquely flavored will spoil your senses, if you are lucky enough to attend such paniyiri.

Chios pastelaries sounds like pasteli but is made from dry figs with almonds flavored with daphne leaves. Not available everywhere, you should search among specialty shops off the beaten tracks. From figs also Chians distilling Souma a homemade kind of raki.

The list can go very long; You have to do one thing while in Chios. Join locals to a nearby tavern and let the feast of senses begin.

Outdoor Activities

We left the best for the end! As an outdoor activity lover, Chios provides anything you can imagine to enjoy greek summer, feel the adrenaline of the Greek Islands and have fun with friends!

Starting with hiking, tourists can discover all the big secrets of the island: Gorge Cave, Kardamila, Old Lady’s Castle and many more footpaths are there waiting for exploration. If you prefer climbing, there are plenty of routes for amateurs and professionals.

Next stop is cycling, the perfect way to discover beaches and tiny roads with amazing restaurants in the city centre. Discover Chios Plain and many other routes like Provatas, Anavatos, Nea Moni. Careful! Have all the relevant equipment with you, as you will be part of the nature and flat tyres are in the program!

Last but not least, as in almost every single Greek Island, there are plenty of options in water sports! Sailing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and scuba diving are the more extreme, but there are always more to have fun with your friends! All the water sport clubs have license and organisers are ready to boost your holiday experience!

Chios is a very special island, with excellent tastes, beautiful villages and great routes to discover. Don’t miss the chance to visit it and feel the great atmosphere!

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