15 amazing sea arches

Are you fan of the sea? Do you enjoy the way waves are crashing on huge arches? Some of them are very hard to reach, some others are just protected from the local authorities. All of them though are absolutely stunning and are the ultimate experience for each climber.

Ian Miller, from the climbing team Unique Ascent, is one of the masters and presents us 15 of the most difficult, amazing and beautiful rocks in the world:

Lange Anna

Country: Heligoland, Germany
Height: 47 meters
Difficulty: Impossible – climbing on this is illegal

This huge rock unfortunately will not be with us for long – you have to visit it before it falls. It is a national treasure for Germany and despite the fact that German people tried to protect him from the waves, his base has about 16 meters of sand, which makes it extremely difficult to survive.

Totem Pole

Country: Huay Cape, Tasmania
Height: 65 meters
Difficulty: Hard– Extremely high technical skills required

The ”Father” of the rock in Tasmania stands there for more than 100 years – although it has only 4 meters diameter! If someone wishes to try his skills to this rock, he has to hike in a very rough area for a couple of hours and then to use a rope to reach almost the level of the sea to start. As for the end, in order to reach the top you have to climb on air using just your rope, doing the famous Tyrolean Traverse.

12 Apostles

Country: Port Campbell NP, Victoria, Australia
Height: Most 46 meters
Difficulty: Impossible– Rocks are protected

These beautiful rocks which are along

Αυτοί οι πανέμορφοι βράχοι οι οποίοι βρίσκονται the Great Ocean Road of Australia are the most famous rocks in the world. There are only 8 of them at the moment and the tallest one at 46 meters.

Old Man of Hoy

Country: Hoy Island, Orkney Islands, Scotland
Height: 137 meters
Difficulty: Average– Many different routes, some points require high technical skills.

Chris Bonington, Rusty Baullie and Tom Patey were the first who managed to climb this emblematic rock. Today is one of the most famous destinations for climbers who want to feel an ultimate experience and take their climbing skills to the next level. There are about 10 different routes to reach the top.

Haystack Rock

Country: Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

Height: 72 meters

Difficulty: Impossible – Climbing is illegal

This volcano rock is a shelter for the puffin birds, eagles and cormorants. This is why climbing is illegal. When the tide is low, many visitors are trying to climb this rock, but police is always there waiting, so be careful!

Ball’s Pyramid

Country: Lord Howe Island, Australia
Height: 562 meters
Difficulty: Hard– Extremely secured area, you can access it only if you have permission

This is the tallest sea arch in the world! It is part of a volcano, 20km away from the Lord Howe island in the Pacific Ocean. Bryden Allen’s climbing team was the first ever who managed to reach the top. Today the rock is under protection, as the rick to climb it is extremely high.

Dun Briste

Country: Downpatrick Head, Ballycastle, Co Mayo, Irland
Height: 50 meters
Difficulty: Extremely hard – the rock is ready to fall down and there is no security

At the top of this rock there are some pieces left from a church. Only few climbers have reached the top. The most recent attempt was from Miller, who said,”Unpredictable tides and erosion are the most difficult things that you will face in this rock. But the fact that you can reach the top where only 7 people have reached the last 700 years, is just amazing!”

Kicker Rock

Country: Isla San Cristobal, Galabangos Islands
Heights: 144 meters
Difficulty: Impossible– Climbing is illegal

These rocks are part of a volcano – only what left from it. It is a shelter for tropical birds, blue footed boobies and many other species. Climbing is illegal but anyway the ocean is extremely rough, so the access on it.

Risin og Kellingin

Country: Eysturoy, Feroe Islands
Height: 71 and 68 meters
Dfficulty: Average

There are 2 rocks with the names ”The Giant” and ”The Witch”. The Giant fell in 2008 and the Witch is about to fall in the next decades.

Sail Rock

Country: Praskoveyevka, Blck Sea
Height: 25 meters
Difficulty: Impossible – The rock is under protection

This amazing rock, known as Parus, it has only 1 meter diameter but it is 25 meters tall and 20 meters long. Myth says that the hole in this rock has been created from a fire of an old ship.

Ko Tapu

Country: Phang Nga Bay, Thailand
Height: 20 meters
Difficulty: Impossible – the rock is under protection

With a very few visits this very old rock became famous from the James Bond film ”The man with the golden gun”. It has 8 meters diameter at the top, which is double size from the bottom.


Country: Vik, Island
Height: 66 meters
Difficulty: Unpredictable

The myth says that these rocks have been created when 2 trolls dragged a ship at the coast and when the sun came out, its masts became rocks. Whatever is the actual reason, these rocks are extremely beautiful but also far away.

East Trinity

Country: Newfoundland, Canada
Height: Different heights
Difficulty: Hard – extremely difficult to reach and unstable rocks

There is a story saying that pirates had left a huge treasure at the top these rocks, but when Will Gadd and Sara Hueniken tried to find it, they failed. Gadd said: ”They are the most unpredictable and scary rocks that i ever climbed in my whole life!”

North Gaulton Castle

Cuntry: Νησιά Orkney, Scotland
Height: 55 meters
Difficulty: Extremely hard – Climbing starts from the sea level and it reaches a very unstable rock at the top

This uncertain rock is based between other huge rocks and it looks unreal. It is thin at the bottom and it has more the double size at the top. It is in a blind spot at the west coast of Orkney and you can reach it only with a boat or swimming!

Tormore Island

Country: Glenlough Bay, South West Donegal, Irland
Height: 160 meters
Difficulty: Almost impossible  – reaching the area is extremely dangerous

This is the tallest sea arch of Ireland and only 5 people have actually reached the top. ”It is 300 meters away from the land, with no actual way to be reached and with huge waves. It was very hard even to leave the area when we managed to reach the top.”

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