5 benefits of running with friends

5 benefits of running with friends

Running alone is a habbit for most of us. The busy working schedule and the daily routine are the main factors that make it difficult to find the right company to go out for running. Usually, our ”other-half” during excercise can be our self and some of our favorite music, making running a boring habbit in most cases. What is we find a running buddy though? Below you will find 5 benefits of running with friends.


Socializing through training with friends can have a huge impact on psychology and performance as it transforms the way we view training from a commitment to a pleasure. Running with friends, sharing day-to-day concerns and different news, hearing a second opinion and workout comes out easier. At the same time you know the personality of the buddy you are hanging out with, so running can create a strong and lasting friendship!


As there are good days, there will also be days when your mood for training will be down. The actual support from a friend-athlete can be really important on those days, as you will be prompted to get up off the couch and remain consistent in your running schedule. This exhortation is that in the end will justify your toil and bring the desired results both physically and in the event you compete.


Safety is one of the major advantages of hanging out with friends. A teammate is the one to watch out for if you’re over-training and will prompt you to slow down or even stop. Also, if you do not know a route well, whether it is in the city or even more in a trail area, having one or more people as a company will surely help you avoid any problems. Finally, especially for women, whether it is day or night, it would always be safe to run with friends.


When we run on our own, often the tiredness and the ” voice ” in our head informs us that we have reached our limits and it is time to turn around or at least stop for a while. There is once again the importance of a buddy, as he/she will push us for a little more speed or a few kilometers, which will help us improve our performance in the end.

5 benefits of running with friends


People tend to assimilate the characteristics of their group. So, spending more time with someone who loves running gives us an incentive to activate our body and set goals. On the other hand, those who run by themselves have no one to encourage them when their levels of excitement fall. There comes the friend-athlete, to give you the strength and courage you need to continue.

The above are 5 benefits of running with friends. They are the basics, but not the only ones. The advantages do not end in an article nor are they an end in themselves. It is important that the company gives us the motivation we need to get out and train, as well as improve our psychology.

In Greece there are even competitions for this purpose, Run Together, both in Athens and Thessaloniki. A test will surely convince you of the benefits of running with it!

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