5 tips to run in the rain

5 tips to run in the rain

Winter is here and soon the rainy days will make it difficult for you to get out for a run. If the treadmill is not enough for you, read the following 5 tips to run in the rain that will make you continue your favorite excercise!

Choose your clothes carefully

No matter how good the quality of the waterproof jacket you put on, you will need to be prepared to get wet. Be sure to avoid cotton clothing, such as skirts and socks, as they hold the water and are likely to cause discomfort during training. After all, it’s not even the most ideal way to feel like stepping on a muddy water at every step! Synthetic clothes that are specially designed for running and even in difficult conditions, are the best choice, because despite that keeping the water away, they will keep you warm and maintain proper moisture in your body.

Make also sure your clothes are fit and have no gaps in your body, and if you are wearing a waterproof jacket, this one is suitable for running and has the proper resources (and material) to breathe. This is very important, as a waterproof non-breathable jacket can keep you a little dryer and feel better in the beginning, however it will retain the heat inside so you will sweat and get tired really quick.

In general, make sure your clothes are breathable, fit, and lightweight, so you can avoid carrying any extra pounds in the event you get wet!

Use the right shoes

If anything is to be considered for running in the rain, it’s that our shoes will get wet! Therefore, you should be equipped with a couple that can withstand these difficult weather conditions. As with clothes, make sure your shoes are made of breathable materials while also having holes in the top to allow moisture to escape.

Rain also means slippery conditions. Whether you are running on a road or on a mountain, you have to be very careful with the slippery slope of the route, as a fall can cause injury. One way to reduce such a risk is your shoes. The better the grip they have, the less chance of faceing a problem during running. Wear shoes that have enough grip to allow water to flow better at every step. It is also important to check your shoes before each excercise, as with the continuous training the grip may decrease significantly and need to be changed.

5 tips to run in the rain

Wear a hat

In addition to protecting us from the sun during the summer months, the hat offers another important benefit to those who run: it keeps water away from the face! This way you will stay focused on the road and not have to wipe your face every 10 seconds!

As above, when running, it is important that all of your clothing equipment be able to breathe. Similarly to the hat, make sure it is of the appropriate material to remove moisture and keep you warm so you can follow your entire training program.

Be visible

A rainy day significantly reduces the reflexes, both ours and drivers’. If you are driving in the city, be sure to wear bright colors, such as orange, light green, yellow, etc. This will greatly help drivers get their sight in the field and reduce the chance of danger.

Take a waterproof bag with you

Sure if you go out for a run in the city and for a short distance, a bag may not be absolutely necessary, but in the long distances it is important to have some essentials with you. Extra clothing, maybe a second pair of shoes and socks, a little water, are important supplies on a rainy day.

Running in the rain is not an easy task. Both the weather and the lack of mood to get out of our comfort and get wet, may be a deterrent. The above 5 tips to run in the rain will prepare you properly so you can enjoy your workout along with good mood!

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