Discovering the gorges of Greece: Havos Gorge

Havos Gorge

If you are looking for a getaway in nature and in close proximity to Athens, then Havos Gorge seems like the perfect choice! Just half an hour from the center of Chalkida, in Kampia, Evia, there is a magical place that offers every visitor the chance to become one with nature! Kambia is built in a magnificent natural environment – dense vegetation and running water – about 33 km from Chalkida.

The canyon with its nearly 10 technical descents, and water conservation even late in the summer, offers the opportunity for Canyoning, even for jumping on its impressive piers. Canyon ideal for those who want to get started in canyoning, without much walking or technical difficulty.

There are several waterfalls that form ponds at the base, some of which are really deep. Its steep walls are nestled with wild and rocky turquoise. In the middle of the right side there is a cave that has not yet been explored. Halfway through the gorge, it opens, becomes swampy and then one can enjoy the shade of the plane trees, rich biodiversity with predominant Cyclamen populations.

There is an ancient aqueduct in the Havos Gorge, while significant paleontological finds have been exposed in the wider Cambodian and Lower Cambodian areas. Regarding the religious monuments of the Cambodian region, the cave temple of Agia Kiriaki stands out, in an area with running water, small waterfalls and dense vegetation.

This is a unique place, perfect for a two-day escape from the city. Through you can also find activities in the area, such as Canyoning in Havos Gorge.

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