Discovering the gorges of Greece: Panta Vrexei Gorge

Panta Vrexei Gorge

We could perfectly describe the Panta Vrexei Gorge (Always Raining) in just 3 words: magic, painting, miracle. And it would be no exaggeration to say that we agree with the above!

It is one of the most impressive areas of the Evritania county, located between the villages of Roska and Doliana and despite the impressive photos one can find on the internet, the place remains indelible as a well-hidden treasure.

Its name is a result of the amazing phenomenon, of course, since in an area of the gorge, about 80 meters in length, the icy waters of the Kaliakouda mountain form impressive waterfalls, shortly before joining the Krikeliotis River. Due to their high altitude, however, their flow is not continuous and compact but breaks down into a large beam in small and large drops, creating a continuous artificial rain, turning the already gorgeous landscape into magnificent.

Always 40km from Karpenissi, a city of historic and exquisite natural beauty, a multitude of well-preserved buildings and fine examples of traditional local architecture: mansions, arched bridges, Byzantine churches and old schools. There are 3 routes that lead to the Panta Vrexei Gorge, where you will enjoy the scenery before reaching the point where you start the activity. Of course you need to be properly stocked with hiking clothes and shoes, and if you cross the gorge, raincoats are more than necessary!

In terms of outdoor activities, you can enjoy river trekking in the canyon, on an excursion that truly is a unique experience and you will surely be rewarded with the result and the wild beauty of the landscapes you will encounter!


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