7th almiraMAN

7th almiraMAN

Katerini will host for seventh consecutive year one of the greatest greek triathlon events named 7th almiraMAN. AlmiraMAN is an internation triathlon event with more than 200 participants every year and it will take place during the weekend 9-10 May 2020. At the same time, an open sea swimming race will take place, making Almira Beach Bar the centre of the triathlon interest in Greece.

AlmiraMAN started a few years back from scratches, as a few local people wanted to give a more subtantial form to what they were loving most: triathlon. So with the help of the local city council, almiraMAN triathlon was born! The race became part of the greek triathlon community really fast, as more and more triathletes choose to participate. Now it is one of the biggest triathlon events in Greece, with lots of volunteers and spectators every year.

The 7th almiraMAN will take place at the same spot as always, Almira Beach Bar in Katerini. The triathletes will have the chance to swim in the Thermaikos Bay and at the same time to enjoy the magnificent view of Olympus, standing just above the city of Katerini. The route is almost flat, giving the chance to the triathletes to go really fast and fight for their personal records!

At the same time, some extra events will take place during the weekend. There will be kids races for running and cycling, giving to the new enthusiasts the chance to find more about triathlon. An EXPO AREA will be full of sponsors and companies related to triathlon, but also with local businesses which would like to promote the local products and the culture of the area.

Last but not least, coaches, nutritionists and chiropractors will give speeches to the athletes and everyone else who would like to know more about these subjects.

If you need more information about travel packages and tickets for this event, please contact us at info@outdoor-activities.gr.

* All athletes have to bring a certificate of good health, signed by a doctor
* The transition area will be open from Saturday 9/5/20 at 14:30 until 15:15 for AlmiraFast and from 17:30 till 20:00 for the Sunday races. Security will be on during Saturday and Sunday for bikes.
* Extra help from people outside the race is forbidden
* Triathletes who would like to use extra equipment like ventilator, they have to let the organising team beforehand

Price per person
From 35€
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