Enduro Camp Olympus 2018

Kalipefki is a village in the northeast of the Prefecture of Larissa, at an altitude of 1054m. Its old name before 1927 was “Nezeros”, which comes from the Slavic root “ezero” (the “n” is euphonic), meaning lake. It was founded in the late Roman times and has existed since the 10th century AD. bishop’s seat, dependent on the Metropolitan of Larissa. The central point of Lower Olympus was a great position of the thieves during the Ottoman domination. Until 1911 there was Lake Askyrida or Aschurida, which was drained and gave a place for an arable land of 5,500 acres. The last few years have been discussing – in part – its reconstruction. The present name of the village is due to the beautiful pine forests that surround it. Known attractions include Agia Triada and Patomeni.

Access: Access to Kalipefki takes you through the highway by:

Larisa. It is 50km away. and one can reach 45 minutes with exit to Makrihori and direction Gonni.
Thessaloniki. It is 130km. and you can reach 2 hours by going to Platamonas and heading to Paleo Panteleimonas.
Athens. It is 400km. and one can arrive at 4 hours with an exit at Makrihori and direction Gonni.
Accommodation: Kalipefki provides Askouris hostel with an availability of almost 50 people. Tents or caravans can be set up in the courtyard. The accommodation price is 15€/person with breakfast and for the campers 5€/person with breakfast. The guest house has hot water, heating, towels, and covers.

The distribution of individuals is done in:

Five-Beds with Double Bed
Quadruple with Double Sofa
Alternatively, you are looking in the nearby area of Pori, Platamonas, Paleos Panteleimonas.

Security: The safety of the event will cover a private Ambulance.

The Route: Start and finish at Askouris Guesthouse in Kalipefki. The route is 58km mixed almost all in forest paths and passages. The natural beauty of the area and its alternations from low vegetation to pine and spruce, with natural springs and streams, make it unique. It is circular and passes through the villages of Rapsani, Egani, Palei Pori, Paleos Panteleimonas, Ano Skotina to come back to Kalipefki. It reaches its highest point at 1550m. and is easy for everyone with some difficulty at the points. There will be 4 Pro routes for those who want more. Marking is mainly due to the color Blue, Directional arrows and ribbon only in the open, Fuchs or orange.

The Pro routes are:

Pro 1: 2Km
Pro 2: 1Km
Pro 3: 1Km
Pro 4: 3,5Km
There will not be a refueling station but there are 5 water control stations for anyone who needs it.

Desi Station: 10Km
Babitsi Station: 20Km
Koromilia Station: 30Km
Dramala Station: 40Km
Lake Kati Station: 50Km


Schedule 14/4: Opening hours 09:00 at the starting and running venue at Askouri hostel. After we get settled in the secretariat we’re getting ready. The opening in the arch is from 10:30 to 14:00. Anyone who wants and thinks to be ahead can do enough to declare his presence at the starting point. There will be BBQ, beer, refreshments in the venue. In the evening depending on the evening or we will stay in the guesthouse or we will go to the tavern for food and wine

Schedule 15/4: Breakfast at the guest house from 08:00. Opening hours 09:00 at the starting and running area at Askouri hostel. After we get settled in the secretariat we’re getting ready. The opening in the arch is from 10:00 to 14:00. Anyone who wants and thinks to be ahead can do enough to declare his presence at the starting point. There will be BBQ, beers, refreshments in the venue.

The event provides:

  • Snack (water, juice, banana) at the finish.
  • Souvenir.
  • Security (Space is fenced with an entrance-exit).
  • Control stations.
  • Coverage of an ambulance accident.

Participants: Participants agree to the terms and conditions of the event. The entry fee is 15€ for one day and 25€ for two days. On the day of holding those who have signed up, you will hand over the signed statements, you will receive the number for your participation and will be arranged in the rooms. Those who arrive on the spot will fill in the responsible statements and the financial arrangement will be made in the secretariat. Riders do not leave altogether but partly to avoid overcrowding.

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