Legion Run Thessaloniki

Legion Run Thessaloniki

Legion Run Thessaloniki is an up to 5km team-oriented run with 20+ obstacles of mud, fire, ice and barbed wire, held in different countries around the globe.
Our events are the ultimate opportunity to challenge your physical and mental limits, and share some epic moments with friends, co-workers or family.
This is not a race and this is not a competition against others. Just pure wicked fun for grown-ups!

Legion Run Thessaloniki is far more than a run, it’s an experience of a lifetime. We promise a thrilling, dirty, fun adventure that will give you and your friends an adrenaline buzz for days, weeks, even years. Each part of the course will challenge your body and mind and will require some teamwork.

You will run, jump, crawl, sprint and swing and help others do so. You will play in the mud like a kid and cross the finish along with thousands of others! You will get scrapes, you will get bruises, but you will be smiling. And you will finish changed.

We say 5k run, but not really. You will run, walk, slip, slide and crawl your way along uneven terrain, but you won’t be going too far before you start hitting obstacle after obstacle.

Registration for Thessaloniki event are now open! You can contact us for more details!

* An adventure you will never forget
* A few scrapes, bruises and mud in places it shouldn't be
Genuine pride
* A free Beer at the Finish
* An exclusive "I AM LEGION" shirt that only participants get
* 25% discount in our online store

Parking will be FREE. Please, group with your friends and come early enough.

There is a designated bag check area where you can drop your bag for the price of 2 EUR per bag.

A Legion of 175 people starts every 20 minutes beginning at 10:00 am. Be sure to arrive at least one hour before your Start Time. Allow yourself enough time to park, check in and warm up. Please be at the starting line at least 10 minutes prior to your Start Time.

Star Times: 10:00 ; 10:20; 10:40 : 11:00 ; 11:20 ; 11:40 ; 12:00 ; 12:20 ; 12:40 ; 13:00 and so on

Not running, but want to see what it’s all about? Wanna show support to your friends and have a good laugh on their behalf? Join us, it’s FREE! We are among the few in the industry that allow spectators to follow the participants along the course and take pictures. So make sure to take plenty of epic pictures of your muddy friends.

Price per person
From 25€
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