Milos Escapade Coasteering

Milos is a beautiful island. And every one is going to the same places. But if you turn on your adventurous side, you will discover wild path, rocks to climb.

This is how we discovered our tours. Exploring, climbing, swimming and JUMPING. Because there is nothing better than the feeling of flying!!

Sunset hike along the coast. This is a unique experience to appreciate the island from an other perspective! See with your own eyes the spectacular spots in a wonderful light.

Milos Escapade offers you a unique experience in Milos, discovering all the hidden treasures of the island and the chance to jump from great cliffs with amazing view!

* We provide a wetsuit (the temperature of the water will not be an issue).

* We provide a helmet for your safety.

* Masks and snorkel will also be available.

* We will take pictures of you for free and send them to you later.

* You need sport shoes / close shoes.

* You can bring sunscreen, towel, and as much water as necessary (there is always a place to leave our dry stuff close to the jumping spots).

* Minimum age is 8 years old. You need to be a minimum fit, in good health and able to swim.

* Meeting in Adamas, in front of Apollonas Sunshine

* Morning Session : Meeting at 9.30AM

* Afternoon Session : Meeting at 1.00PM

* Evening Session : Meeting at 4.30PM

* 1 session lasts around 2 hours. 20 to 30 minutes driving from adamas. 10 minutes for equipment and briefing. 1h of activity. 20 to 30 minutes back to adamas (if necessary).
Departures at 9.30am ; 1.00pm ; 4.30pm

* You need to have your own transportation, quad, scooter or car.

* If you need us to organize a transportation , you wil be charged extra.

* You will follow the guide until the adventure spot and back to Adamas.

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