Mountain Bike Tours in Sounio, Athens

Looking for adventure in Athens? Having ever thought of mountain biking in ancient mines? With “Travel N’Cycle” now it’s possible to go on a mountain biking excursion in Sounio and bike along the ancient mines of silver. You will also have the chance to finish this unique excursion under the shadow of the temple of Poseidon in Sounio. A great mountain biking adventure that you shouldn’t miss while in Greece.

Moutain biking in Sounio is also exceptional for the great views to the Aegean sea. Behind you the temple of Poseidon and in front of you the Aegean sea with its blue crystal clear waters.

The area where you will go mountain biking is the National Park in Lavrio  – where the ancient silver mines of the Athenians were located, famous for making Athens the superpower of its time. The silver of this area gave the ability to the Athenian’s to build the powerful Athenian fleet of the 5th century BC. and the Athenian currency, the strongest currency of the whole Mediterranean area for almost two centuries.


Starting from the parking lot of the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio you will start mountain biking heading north, deep inside into the National Park of Lavrio.

You will pass small forest roads and single trail paths visiting dozens of ancient silver mines including some well preserved processing facilities of silver.

Going further inside the National Park you will find some great routes for mountain biking. You will then find the “Chaos”, an enormous chasm which forms a unique geological phenomenon.

Great fauna to explore in the area along with the magnificent smells and colors offered by the flowers and the rocks of the mines.

The excursion ends visiting the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio and tasting delicious traditional Greek food and wine in the area.

Return to Athens late afternoon.

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