Naxos Mountain Challenge 2020

Naxos Mountain Challenge 2020
The Naxos Mountain Challenge 2020 is being upgraded and in addition to the cycling races, for the 2020 edition there will be also trail running events and hiking routes.
Along with Sunday’s bike race, it adds another day for mountain lovers by offering routes for little ones and big ones. Naxos Sangri has a history that has been lost for centuries with cultural and monumental wealth. The area is famous for its Byzantine churches, the famous monastery of Agios Eleftherios and the amazing archaeological site of the Temple of Demetra and you will have the opportunity to learn their story through a hiking trail that will take place alongside the races!
Naxos Mountain Challenge 2020
In more detail, the Naxos Mountain Challenge 2020 will include the classic bike rides, as you can see below:
  • Fun Race 6km
  • 16,5km route
  • 33km route

Running and hiking competitions will also take place on the weekend, bringing the contestants closer to the natural beauties of Naxos.

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Price per person
From 8€
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