Nicosia Marathon

Nicosia Marathon

Nicosia Marathon, the capital city of Cyprus major sport event. The Nicosia Marathon is organized under the auspices of the Cyprus Track and Field Sport Federation (KOEAS) and comprises full and half marathon, 10km and 5km races and fun runs for kids. This year is hosting the Cyprus National Half-Marathon Championships where is expected to participate the top athletes from track & field clubs of the island.

The Nicosia Marathon, which will take place on a public highway and will reach the main streets of Nicosia, includes the Marathon, the Cyprus Pole Half Marathon, ten and five kilometers as well as the RunCorporate (Team 5) race. All competitions will be conducted in accordance with international regulations under the supervision of KOEAS referees and timers.

The race is included in the IAAF International and European Calendars.

Nicosia Marathon

A 42,195-meter road for those who are eager to run away and will provide intense excitement to the courageous runners who pass them.

Runners preferably be at the starting line 60 minutes before the start. Along the route there are refueling stations approximately every three kilometers that will offer water, energy gels, electrolytes and fruit, while water, fruit and electrolytes will be provided at the finish line.

Runners will receive their medals at the end of the route, while physiotherapists will be available in a specially arranged area in collaboration with the University of Nicosia.

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