Parnassos Ski Resort

Parnassos Ski Resort

Parnassos is one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece, full of Kefalonian fir trees with dense vegetation and rare natural beauty that fascinates the visitor all year long. This mountain runs from December to April, at an altitude of 1,640-2,260 meters, in the locations of Kellaria and Fterolaka, the Parnassos Ski Resort, the largest and most technologically organized ski resort in Greece.

From many parts of the ski resort you can see the Gulf of Corinth as well as the Euboean Gulf. The possibility of skiing while having the Greek seas as a view skyrockets the skiing experience.


There are two skiing areas at Parnassos Ski Resort, Kellaria and Fterolakas, which have in total:

  • 21 pistes and 7 ski routes
  • 5 connective trails
  • 4 mini pistes for beginners with baby lifts

Parnassos Ski Resort

With 34 km total length of the pistes. The descents begin at 2.260 m. and they reach down to 1.640 m. altitude, while their length is between 300 m. and 4 km. The fans of the powder will find many routes off the pistes for free ride. Also, there are 2 Snow Fun parks at Kellaria and Fterolaka. Four of the pistes, No6 Iniochos, No8 Iraklis, No9 Odysseas and No2 Vaccos, are certified by the International Ski Federation (F.I.S Homologation) for international ski competitions.

Besides skiing within the limits of the Ski Resort, Parnassos is also perfect for ski mountaineering. The famous routes such as climbing down the gorge of Velitsa, climbing up Tsarkos and Liakoura etc, combined with the ski resorts in Parnassos, create a complete and special skiing package for the wider area of the South Europe.

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