River Trekking at Neda River

Neda River

Don’t miss the chance for a unique River Trekking experience in Neda Canyon with Extreme Tours!

Neda is a river in the Peloponnese located on the border of the prefectures of Ilia and Messinia. It flows from Mount Lycaeus, flows westward and flows into the Ionian Sea, between the coasts of Kyparissia and Zacharo. Its length is 32 kilometers. The river was named after the Neda Nymph. The river from antiquity defined the borders of Ilia from Messinia, as Pausanias mentions. Near the banks of the river were the ancient Figalia and the temple of Epicurean Apollo at Vasses.

The river in a large part of it crosses a ravine with very rich vegetation. Waterfalls are created along its course. The largest is near the Figalia and is about 35 meters high.

Neda gorge is full of plane trees, fir trees, figs and oaks, composing a landscape of exceptional beauty from which you think nymphs will emerge.

One of the most beautiful routes to the Neda waterfalls is the one that passes through the village of Kopanaki and climbs the mountain, through landscapes submerged in green and picturesque villages. The area is unique for extreme activities, which are a unique opportunity to see the full beauty of the area!

Neda River

The program is configured as follows:

-09: 00 Meeting at Neda River Entrance

-0915 start of activity

-14: 00 End


– Accompanied by certified and experienced drivers

– Supply of all necessary equipment (helmet, backpack, waterproof container)

– Team safety and rescue equipment

– Group excursion insurance

– Water, snack

-24% VAT


Shoes suitable for walking in rough water and protecting the ankle. Water & Snacks, at least 2 liters of water, and snacks for the entire duration of the activity. Second pair of Socks for after leaving the canyon, Second T-Shirt , Swimwear, towel.

1. In order for your position to be valid and secured, you must pay 50% of the deposit as a deposit immediately after you have applied for it, which is NOT refundable in the event of cancellation.
2. The remittance commission from another bank shall be subject only to the depositor
3. Payment of the remaining amount will be effected upon arrival at the place where the activity will take place.
4. In case of cancellation (by the participants) the deposit will not be refunded.
5. The program may be amended if deemed necessary by the organizer for security reasons if weather events or other irregularities prevent the program from being conducted safely.

Tickets per person
From 30€
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