RUN HIKE has been created to offer alternative athletic tourism services, at the highest professional standards, structured around the principles of responsibility and customer safety. Based in Thessaloniki, where its activities are mainly operated, RUN HIKE offers enchanting tours to the historical second largest city of Greece. The tours extend from Ladadika district, to Ano Poli (the Upper Town), the shopping center, the Port, The White Tower and from Nea Paralia (the recently redesigned New Waterfront) to the unique Seych Sou forest, Chortiatis Mt. and other unique places in the city’s beautiful suburbs. Our services are addressed to individual hikers/runners, friends, families, partners and companies, small and large groups, with a highly flexible schedule so you can choose the route that best suits you. Join us to explore, through our organized tours and activities, the urban setas well as the nature of Thessaloniki. It’s an unforgettable and fascinating experience. Discover the beauties of our city, both downtown and in the paths of its nature, the sea, the forest and the mountains. Enjoy the unique beauty of the capital of Macedonia, running or hiking, experiencing the small or large, easy, moderate and difficult tours, for all ages and for all levels.
Αναλυτικά η κάθε διαδρομή:
Hermes is a special trail, featuring extraordinary historical interest. It starts from Platanakia in Panorama district, crosses the footpath of Vathillakos stream, reaching the French springs, built in 1917 by the French army of the east. The first 500 meters are notably tilted but the rest of the trail is a smooth path at the edge of the gorge. Waterfalls, caves, and historical buildings are lovingly mixed with nature. Total length of this trail is 5 km, featuring a total ascent of 135m.
Just next to Panorama district and extending mainly in a forest road with a small rotation of 500m delineated path, this trail features 5.5km length and total positive altitude difference of 190m. Altitude ranges from 240m up to 300m.
The longest trail of the Seych Sou Pass, spanning at a distance of 8 km: The total ascent of this route is 385m, which makes it quite demanding. Of course, the beautiful nature and the city panoramic view will compensate any physical fatigue.
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