The Bridge Experience


The Bridge Experience

The Bridge Experience wiil take place for the fourth consecutive year. The aim of the race is to provide great excitement during the last weekend of May(30-31) at the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge Rio-Antirio.

It is a celebration of sport and culture with the ambition to become a world-renowned event. Along with the races, social and cultural activities have also been implemented over the years, such as wine tasting, tree planting, beach cleaning, trips to the castle of Rio, Nafpaktos, the archaeological museum and more. The goal of the organizers is to make the event a milestone for the wider Achaea and Aitoloakarnania region.

The race program includes swimming 1km, 3km and also the Antirio-Rio crossing which will become a second time in history, after last year’s great impact, but also racing: 5km, 9km and 21km! Aimed at the general public of all ages, as well as professional and amateur athletes from all over Greece and the world.

It is worth to mention the rich social character of The Bridge Experience as for another year part of the proceeds of the event will be donated to Associations and Institutions such as ExcellenSeas, an AMKE that supports academic scholarships from Greek Islanders) , the “Lilly’s Warriors” as well as the children’s camp of Patras.

For more information about the race and travel packages please contact us at [email protected].

* For the 5k and 9k running, there is a cut off time of 1h30', meanwhile for the 21k the cut off time is 3h
* The kids race has an age limit of 12 years old. The participation is free and you can apply to race on the race day.

Price per person
From 10€
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