Grevena is an exceptional city to visit that you should not miss. Traditional villages and stone bridges, Valia Calda National Park, Vasilitsa Ski Resort and other sporting activities will surely reward you, while staying in picturesque hotels will enhance your experience.

Grevena is built at an altitude of 534 meters east of North Pindos, on the banks of Greveniti river, a tributary of Aliakmonas, an area that green is the main point. It has a cool summer climate, and can be the starting point for your excursions to other side locations. It is also known as the “capital of mushrooms”, since mushrooms are part of local tradition and history, but also a symbol of the city. You will find it adorned with parks, squares and hubs, while at the foot of Pindos, in the dense forests of the area and on the banks of rivers in the county, one can find more than a thousand species of wild mushrooms, many of which are also rarely found in Europe.

What to see

Rich in natural beauty, Grevena is an ideal destination for nature lovers, home-travelers and those who love exploration and adventure. The must-see of the area is Valia Calda, the Pindos National Park, located on the southwest side of the county, on the unspoilt mountain range of Lygos. Valia Calda in the Vlach language means warm valley.

Grevena follows a developmental path with tourism, emphasizing in the beautiful alpine nature. In the center of the city, the beautiful pedestrian square of Aimilianou, with traditional and modern restaurants and taverns spread around it, caters to the needs of the staying and dining guests. On the Alexander the Great pedestrian street, modern but also classic cafes attract the visitor, while for the romantic ones there are Municipal Refreshments in Kastraki and Tsakalia.

You can also find 17 stone bridges, which are kept in very good condition, while the most important ones include Aziz Aga in Trikomo which is the largest arch bridge in Macedonia, Portitsa and Katsogiannis in the Cave, Spanio in Kipanos. and Ziakas in the homonymous village.

At the same time ancient churches, monasteries and buildings are sown in the various villages of the area, such as the Cave, where the stone school is located (1931), the mansion of Kostas Varvitsa (1900), the Monastery of the Assumption (15th century). , as well as the church of Saint Athanasius (1804). The Monastery of Zavorda, in which the only dictionary of the Photio the Great was found, is considered the most important religious monument of Western Macedonia and one of the largest and most important Monasteries outside of Mount Athos. Perivoli also features countless stone fountains, as well as traditional buildings, such as the church of Agios Nikolaos (13th century) and the church of Agios Georgios (16th century).



In addition to walks in the endless natural surroundings of Grevena Prefecture, the visitor has the opportunity to engage in adventure activities in order to touch the greatness and power of nature. Especially the Aliakmonas River with its tributaries, such as the Venetian, is ideal for those who love kayaking and rafting. The Smolikas and Orliaka mountain ranges are ideal for climbing, mountaineering and canyoning, while the Vasilitsa Ski Resort, which has sliding and overhead lifts, is ideal for winter sports enthusiasts.

Vasilitsa Ski Resort is located in the northwestern part of Grevena prefecture, at a distance of 42 km away from the prefecture’s capital and in the heart of Pindos mountain chain.

One of the most famous villages in the area is Samarina, a great traditional mountain settlement, at an altitude of 1,450 meters. The area is also famous for the ski resort of Vasilitsa, located above the village of Smixi and is one of the best in Greece.

On the southwestern side of the Vasilitsa complex opens the long valley “Valia Stathi”, one of the most inaccessible and wild valleys of the area, ending in Aoos. At the same time, the area is also suitable for all kinds of adventure activities, as it has mountains suitable for mountaineering, rivers suitable for water sports (rafting, kayaking) and much more.

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