Welcome to Ioannina, the city of legends, arts and letters, the city of the silver or otherwise to the beautiful Giannena, as locals call it.

Ioannina is the capital and largest city of the prefecture of Epirus and generally the largest commercial, intellectual and cultural center of Northwestern Greece. The city is developed around the magnificent Lake Pamvotida with the nature, climate and character of the city perfectly connected to it. The city maintains a romantic and nostalgic mood throughout the year, which grows even more in autumn, inviting travelers to discover its beauties.

What to see

A city of great historical importance, Ioannina provides all its visitors with a wealth of great sights, such as the Perama Cave, the Museum of Vrelli, the Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Ali Pasha Castle and the Dodoni Oracle, the most ancient oracle of Greece. Finally, the island of Kyra Frosini is another landmark of the city, which definitely worth a visit.

Walk on the beautifully landscaped sidewalks, beneath the tall trees, hugging the lake creating an idyllic setting. Discover the hospitable corners of the city, the cobblestone streets, the magnificent buildings such as Hussein Matei House, the Velay Pasha Ottoman Mosque and the entire historic center of Ioannina, all unique sights. Before leaving the city center, ask where are the “Litharitsia“, the bastion of Ali Pasha once. There you will have the opportunity to enjoy from above part of the historic center and the lake.

Finally, in Ioannina, the city of arts and letters, the tradition of silver and goldsmithing workshops continues to this day, while the University of Ioannina is one of the best universities in the country. The combination of today with yesterday, traditional with modern, natural and artificial beauty, make Ioannina a special destination for every visitor of the city.



For Outdoor-Activities lovers, who are constantly looking for ways to boost their adrenaline, Ioannina is more than just an ideal destination.

The first thing to do is visit the Vikos Gorge, just a few kilometers outside the city, for rafting. Starting at the Aristi Bridge, you are traveling a 5km and a half hour lush greenery. We could say that paradise definitely looks like this, as you reach the end of the descent, you will be amazed at the view of the huge plane trees that cover the sky! The canyon is also suitable for hiking, with a total length of 12 km!

Ioannina, with countless canyons from the Zagorohoria Mountains to the beautiful Tzoumerka, provides every visitor with an opportunity to experience the activity of Canyoning. Nature and sports enthusiasts can choose from three routes, depending on the degree of difficulty and the length of time they wish.

The route to the Vikaki Gorge from the village of Tsepelovo to the Gardens of Zagori is a rope-free route of medium difficulty but long lasting 4 hours.

A similar difficulty, but about half as long, is the route to the Pappapidimas Gorge, from the village of Harokopi. This route uses ropes (7 – 8 rappels).

Last but not least, for those skilled in the art, the Klyfkis Gorge with the village of Kalendzi is an ideal choice. It is a rope walk (7-8 rappels) that lasts about 3.5 hours.


But the surprises do not stop there. Horse riding will make you one with nature. Every visitor to the city has the opportunity to enjoy unique beauty trips to both Papigo village in Zagori and Lazaina in Tzoumerka, just 20 minutes from Ioannina.

Finally, as a genuine winter destination, close to Ioannina is the Anilio Ski Resort, for winter sports enthusiasts. The Anilio Ski Resort is a unique meeting point for skiing, skiing, trekking, mountaineering, cycling, alternative ways of relaxation and fun at the Macedonia-Epirus-Thessaly geographical hub.

A visit to Ioannina will surely win you over and make you feel one with nature. The location, the choices, the beauty of the city, the warm people and the scenery stop the time and make the traveler enjoy every moment.



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