Known for its geographical location, Olympus, Kissavos and of course one of the largest rivers in Greece, Pinios, Larissa is a city that you should definitely visit.

Although historically was a purely rural area, today’s Larissa has been developed into a unique trade crossing that unites northern and southern Greece. At the same time, the constant growth of the city, the large squares and the constantly refurbished parks give a new tone to the daily life of its citizens, while the emergence of the ancient theater of the city in combination with many events in the ever-increasing cultural centers promotes the element of culture.

Larissa is the fifth largest city in Greece. It is a city with modern form and European identity, a true example to follow. The pedestrian center, the intense market traffic, the bikes as basic transportation tool, the cleanliness as well as the downtown parks that are a real lung, make the city of Larissa really attractive for tourists and passersby.

What to see

A quick hike to the city of Larissa should have a starting point. And that cannot be other than the hill of the Fortress. It is just a few meters from the main square of the city, where one can see part of the ancient theater of the city, and of course the patron saint Saint Achilles, standing imposing. It is a fairly developed area and naturally pedestrianized for the most part, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll or eat in the many small shops.

If you are a lover of art, the Archaeological or Folklore & Historical Museum is within walking distance, and in the city you will find the Municipal Art Gallery, which hosts works of great Greek and foreign artists.


The walk in town, however, does not end here. Among the many parks is one that is a registered trademark of all of Larissa: the Alcazar Park. There you will first be able to see a part of the Pinios River and then enjoy a unique route through the park’s streets. Along the way you will find the Garden Theater, an open-air modern small theater that has a vibrant life mainly during the summer months with concerts by well-known singers and theater performances. After crossing the park, you will reach the city’s swimming pool, the Alcazar stadium, as well as an area for young people engaged in extreme street sports such as roller skates, bicycles, and more.

If you have the time to cheat and want to get to know the wider area even better then the options become even greater. Do not hesitate to visit Ambelakia but also Tempi and of course the church of Agia Paraskevi, a truly unique monument literally built at the foot of Mount Olympus.

Just 20 minutes away from Larissa is Tyrnavos, famous for producing tsipouro and ouzo.


Although the city is not famous for the abundance of activities it offers, it can still be the ideal base for many outdoor activities in the area. With Mount Olympus less than 1 hour from the city center, you can enjoy Hiking in Mytikas, Rafting in the Tempi Valley, Mountain Biking and Paragliding. At the same time the area is perfect for canyoning and flying fox!

Finally, there are many running races within the city, which attract locals such as Vikos Street Relays, Run Greece, the Tyrnavos-Larissa Semi-Marathon and many more.

Larissa is a city where you can find everything, a real bustling city in the heart of the Thessalian plain. Nightlife, coffee, warm people make up a beautiful city that everyone could live in.


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