Plastira Lake

Plastira LakePlastira Lake and the surrounding landscape is one of the prettiest parts of Greece and perhaps the most harmonious human intervention in the environment. The result is an idyllic place worth a visit all year round.

Plastira Lake or Tavropos was created in 1959 with the completion of the river Tavropos dam while the conception of creating the lake at this point belongs to General Nikolaos Plastiras who thirty years before had visited his homeland and was puzzled by the floods that plagued for years residents of surrounding areas.

What to see

After reaching the lake your options are several depending on the season and weather. The best way to discover however, the place around the lake is to follow the peripheral path around it. If you come from Karditsa side, your starting point will be the first villages you see, after reaching the point where you will have visual contact with the lake on your left. First stop is Kalyvia Pezoulas, the most popular and perhaps the most organised tourist place on the lake. From there you can visit the mountain village Neraida or Fylakti and Pezoula.

Neochori, with its picturesque square that offers some amazing views of the lake definetely worth a visit. Not to forget to mention Belekomiti, famous for its restaurant trout dishes! If you have the time and you are in a mood for more exploration, you can visit Morfovouni, Nikolaos Plastiras’s hometown and Mesenikolas village, famous for its red wine. To complete your journey continue south and pass by Kastania and Mouha villages before you reach the dam.

Every single season is a new experience at Plastira Lake, as the natural environment adapts to the conditions, creating amazing views. Our favourite seasons though is Spring and Autumn. What would be yours? Let us know!

Plastira Lake


With a variety of sports available around, Plastira Lake could be considered as the perfect spot for outdoor lovers.

From hiking and cycling to demanding mountain routes to journeys with 4×4 cars, this place has everything you need to combine relaxing holidays enjoying the amazing lake view and sports.

At the same time the crystal waters and the special morphology of the mountains around offer a great spot for alternative eco tourism lovers. There are also plenty of organised teams and stores ready to help you find the best activity, tailored to your needs.

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