Let’s go skiing! The full list of Ski resorts in Greece

list of Ski resorts in Greece

Finally this time of year has come when we can once again talk about something special, special, fun that transforms us into little children again: the snow! Greece is also an ideal destination for winter vacations, as it has plenty of ski resorts, some more difficult and more for beginners. In any case, the magnificent views they offer in conjunction with modern facilities are the attraction of thousands of tourists each year from Greece and abroad. Below you will find a complete list of Ski resorts in Greece, with information on each of them.

list of Ski resorts in Greece

Parnassos Ski Resort

The first and most popular in the list of Ski resorts in Greece is Parnassos Ski Resort. Parnassos is one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece, full of Kefalonian fir trees with dense vegetation and rare natural beauty that fascinates the visitor all year long. This mountain runs from December to April, at an altitude of 1,640-2,260 meters, in the locations of Kellaria and Fterolaka, the Parnassos Ski Resort, the largest and most technologically organized ski resort in Greece.

From many parts of the ski resort you can see the Gulf of Corinth as well as the Euboean Gulf. The possibility of skiing while having the Greek seas as a view skyrockets the skiing experience.

Besides skiing within the limits of the Ski Resort, Parnassos is also perfect for ski mountaineering. The famous routes such as climbing down the gorge of Velitsa, climbing up Tsarkos and Liakoura etc, combined with the ski resorts in Parnassos, create a complete and special skiing package for the wider area of the South Europe.

You can find more information about Parnassos by clicking here.

list of Ski resorts in Greece

Seli Ski and Snowboard Resort

Seli Ski and Snowboard Resort is the first ski resort in Greece! It operates since 1934 and it is still one of the most innovative and great places for ski in Greece. Through a beautiful route we meet the village of Kato Vermio or Seli. There, one can either visit the Ski Resort or explore the mountain.

It is 24 km away from Veria and 95 km away from Thessaloniki. The Seli Ski and Snowboard Resort has 17 ski tracks, 14 km of descent, various difficulty levels to meet the needs of each visitor. There are also 8 km of lang-lauf tracks and several snowboard tracks.

There is a 36 acres parking space for cars of visitors and the resort has snow throwers to keep the roads clean of snow. It combines all the conditions required to set up a standard ski resort. Typically, it features many modern lifts for comfortable and fast skier service, a wide variety of track and field ski slopes, playgrounds, endurance races capable of running international races where simultaneous snowmobiling is comfortable.

There is a full article about the resort on outdoor-activities.gr. You can find it by clicking here.

list of Ski resorts in Greece

Pelion Ski Resort

Located onnly 2 km from the village of Chania at Agriolefkes in Pelion, the Pelion Ski Resort is one of the most iconic ski resorts in Greece. The resort is in a beautiful natural landscape and close to a large chestnut forest. If there is no low cloudiness you will have the unique experience of enjoying the view of the Aegean and Pagasitic.

One of the major advantages of the ski resort is the very good effort for the safety of the skiers with markings and protective nets, the continuous alignment of the tracks and the beginner slopes. The day-to-day operation of the resort and the possibility of extending its operation when the weather is good and the road network is cleaned immediately after bad weather, make the Pelion Ski Resort one of the most accessible ski / snowboard spots.

list of Ski resorts in Greece

Velouxi Ski Resort

On the wonderful slopes of the mountain Tympfristos (Velouxi), the modern facilities of the Velouxi Ski Resort are welcoming you, providing all the amenities in order to enjoy your favorite sport or the sensational sight of the pure white snow!

If you decide to “climb” on Karpenisi, remember that you will find it very easy to get up there! And this because the Velouxi Ski Resort is the nearest ski center to a town around Greece, located only 10 km from the capital of Evritania, with orderly and clear signage throughout the route. You will be able to admire the inexhaustible beauty of the nature and at the same time you will be surprised of how a place can compile such wonderful contrasts in a unique combination.

The fans of skiing, beginners or advanced, have access to 18 slopes of high quality, in order to respond in any level of difficulty or experience.

list of Ski resorts in Greece

Lailias Ski Resort

At the North side of Ali Mpampa mountain, there is a great place for skiing during Greek winter named Lailias Ski Resort. The Resort is at 1.600m ascent and it is only 27km away from the city of Serres.

The Lailias Ski Resort has only one basic ski run with total length of 1.000m but its size can service more than 700 hundred people per hour. Recently there has been an update to the rki run in order to reach the top of the mountain at 1.850 ascent. There is also a small ski run for amateurs.

At the base of the Lailias Ski Resort there is a restaurant for food and drinks, where you can also enjoy the amazing view. There are also some stores that rent equipment, as well as private schools for those who are interested to have some ski lessons.

You can find more information about the resort by clicking here.

list of Ski resorts in Greece

Elatohori Ski Resort

Elatohori Ski Resort is on the North East side of Olympus in 1.450 ascent. It is in a great place with amazing view of Olympus and Aliakmonas river. The closest city is Katerini, only 36km away and it is also very close to Larissa and Thessaloniki.

Although it is a relatively new ski resort, it has become popular with winter sports enthusiasts who are flooding its tracks. This is due both to the fine infrastructure of the Elatohori Ski Resort and the magnificent nature of the surroundings.

Elatohori Ski Resort facilities include 10 slopes with varying altitude difference and varying degrees of difficulty to satisfy both experienced and demanding skiers as well as beginners who are testing their abilities in the most popular winter sports. There is also a snowboard track and a sleigh track. The total length of the slopes and the network of snowmobiles that cross them are over 12,000 m.

list of Ski resorts in Greece

Kalavryta Ski Resort

It couldn’t be missed for the list of Ski resorts in Greece.

Kalavryta Ski Resort wears its white … and welcomes you with fresh ideas for endless skiing and snowboarding!

It is located in the Peloponnese, which is renowned for its excellent organization and its slopes, offering a unique experience to the visitor!

Kalavryta Ski Resort began operating in 1988 and has played a major growth area. It has more than 150,000 visitors every year and most of them are young and all levels of skiers. It is the closest ski resort in Athens and welcomes skiers and snowboarders from Greece and overseas.

The scenery of Helmos is magnificent and the views of the Ionian Sea, the Patraikos and the Corinthian Gulf are unique.

list of Ski resorts in Greece

3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort

The 3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort stands in altitude 1430-2005m and is linked to the city of Naousa with a paved road. It is one of the most modern ski resorts in Greece with completed installations for tourist-athletic skiing. It allocates ski runs of each level of difficulty and cross country ski runs, elevated double chair lift, 5 ski lifts and baby lifts.

The hotel that exists in the area has 34 rooms and can entertain more than 100 individuals. It also allocates a restaurant, a lift bar, a snow bar and a beautiful chalet in the top of the mountain (2005m). Since the beginning of ‘80s, 3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort has been established as a centre of preparation of athletic teams mainly because of its marvellous climate and exceptional natural environment. The athletic infrastructures include a football field, gym, indoor heated swimming-pool, sauna and other auxiliary installations.

list of Ski resorts in Greece

Vasilitsa Ski Resort

Vasilitsa Ski Resort is located in the northwestern part of Grevena prefecture, at a distance of 42 km away from the prefecture’s capital and in the heart of Pindos mountain chain.

The nature of Pindos remains unchanged over time, the same dark-green color of conifers, the same thousand-colored beech, the same immortal oak, with the only difference that in those first seasons of the year, there were beings that no longer existed in those forests. like the mammoth that was discovered in our county.

Vasilitsa National Ski Resort is located on the northeast side of Mount Vasilitsa at an altitude of 2249 meters. but also in the adjoining Mount Gomara. It started with the first rider in 1975 and since then promises moments of freedom and beauty to every skier or visitor.

For more information about the resort please click here.

Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort

Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort is located on the border of Pella County, which borders Skopje. Mount Voras or Kaimakatsalan is the third largest in Greece at an altitude of 2524 m. At its top, and on the border line, there is the chapel of Prophet Elias, which is a monument to World War I.

Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort open its gates in 1994 with a trial run with two lifts and a shelter, and in 1995 the official launch. Since then, continuous improvements have been made to both its accessibility and its facilities.

The lowest point of the ski resort is at 2050 m with the main shelter, parking, ski schools and reaches up to 2480 m at the end of the Kremassi lift path. The view from the mountain is excellent and when the weather permits one can observe the Thermaic Gulf and the peak of Olympus. It has long and wide slopes without any difficulty, considered as the ideal center for technical improvement and trips in the snow.

Pisoderi Ski Resort

Pisoderi Ski Resort is a fairly large ski resort, surrounded by a landscape of stunning natural beauty. From the top of the ski resort the view of the Prespa Lakes is incredible, while the paths of the pistes between the beeches give another dimension and escape the trivial.

At the confluence of Varnous and Verno mountain chains, 19 km on the west side of Florina and at an altitude of 1650 m up to 2000 m, a “neck” is formed, where Vigla-Pissoderi crossing/passage is located. In this area, in a dense beech forest one of the best ski centers of Greece can be found.

The Vigla Pissoderi Ski Center has a total of 12 ski runs, out of which 9 downhill ski slopes, 2 cross country ski runs (Lang Lauf) & one slope suitable for snowmobile.

Falakro Ski Resort

Falakro Ski Resort was founded in 1980 on the initiative of the Drama Mountaineering Association, with the aim of meeting the basic recreational and sporting needs of the surrounding area.

However, over the years, the Ski Resorthas gained its momentum and a fanatical audience that has made it one of the most important ski resorts in the country and a key tourist pole of the Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace.

The Ski Resort has 21 slopes, varying in difficulty, totaling 17 km with lengths varying from 230 m to 1500 m. as well as long-distance trips over 2500m. and a high altitude difference of 2232 m to 1615 m on northern slopes, which are also suitable for sporting events.

At the same time, excellent snow quality, the many northern, northwest and northeast slopes – natural slopes above 2000 m altitude, the absence of terrain fluctuations and at the same time tilt alternatives offer an excellent variety of choices for all types of snow and all types of terrain. skiing.

Mainalon Ski Resort

The Mainalon Ski Resort is located at Ostrakina, mountaintop of Mainalon, only 27klm from Tripoli, altitude 1600m. Seven ski slopes, among which one ranks at the top ten of Greece, in a rare environment of fir-tree forest, a Natura 2000 area. It comprises 3 ski lifts of capacities to transport 200, 350 and 500 individuals per hour, both for children and adults, a chalet, the Tripoli Mountain Climbing Club Shelter, parking area, rent-ski and sleds shop, as well as ski school.

More details and travel packages you will find here.

Anilio Ski Resort

Climbing to the top of Pindos, with the comparative advantage of easy and direct access via Egnatia Road (just 7km from Anilu Exit), 24-hour snow removal services, the Anilio Ski Resort is a separate meeting point for skiing, trekking, skiing , cycling, alternative ways to relax and have fun at the geographical hub of Macedonia-Epirus-Thessaly.

Anilio Ski Resort started operating in 2012 and is the newest ski resort in Greece. My Adventure -Event Organizer Pro took over the management of CSE in November 2017, which was fully expanded and remodeled. Renovated the Chalet and added new building infrastructure.

Investing in a long-term design, My Adventure renamed the ski resort into Anilio Adventure Park, recommending the idea of an integrated Nature Park, full of life and action for adults, children, families, visitors, mountain lovers and mountain lovers all seasons of the year.

Pertouli Ski Resort

Pertouli Ski Resort is located in the Pertouli meadows at an altitude of 1,200 meters. To reach the ski resort you have to cross the Elati village and continue your journey for another 7 km. The village of Pertouli is just minutes away. Set amidst a verdant natural landscape of fir trees, Pertouli is one of the most beautiful villages of Pindos, built amphitheatrically on the mountain slope, consisting of traditional stone houses, picturesque taverns and guesthouses.

This is probably the lowest altitude ski resort in Greece. It is easily accessible and receives thousands of visitors every year. It is an ideal and easy destination for a family stroll and familiar with the essentials of skiing and snowboarding! Outside the ski resort, Pertouli is visited year-round, as the area boasts numerous activities such as horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, as well as ecotourism offices that organize eco-tours, 4×4 and rafting.

Ziria Ski Resort

On the plateau of Mount Ziria (or Kyllini), at an altitude of 1500 meters, just 10 kilometers from the rapidly expanding tourist resort of Trikala Corinthia and within short distance from both Athens and Patras, Ziria Ski Resort has been operating since 2007. It is one of the newest ski resorts in the country, closest to Attica and is ideal for beginners and families with children who want to take their first steps in skiing.

Ziria Ski Resort has a beginner track with a 150m long baby lift, as well as another escalator that also has a 400m slider.

Every year it expands and aspires to become better and better. There you will find boots, sandals and all the equipment you need for your safety. The staff at the Center will be by your side for everything you need!

Vitsi Ski Resort

On Mount Vitsi and within walking distance of the town of Kastoria (only 22 km), there is the organized Vitsi Ski Resort, at an altitude of 1800 meters.

Vitsi Ski Resort is located on the borders of the prefectures of Kastoria and Florina, near the village Polykeraso, in an excellent location that is a pole of attraction for the beauty of the landscape as well as the scenery of the surrounding settlements. Vichy is protected as a game shelter and is an ideal habitat for the endangered bear. The area has remained unaffected by human activity and retains the unique beauty of wildlife.

At Vitsi Ski Resort you can enjoy unique moments with friends and family during the winter. The views combined with the wildlife in the surrounding area make visiting the ski resort a unique experience!

The list of ski resorts in Greece is constantly updated, aiming to provide you with all the latest information on every ski resort. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the above unique destinations and get to know the winter beauty of Greece!

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