In central Greece and particularly in the North Western part of Thessaly, between North East of Hasia and West of Pindos, where the plain of Thessaly ends, Meteora, gigantic rocks raise, that create a spectacle which might be unique worldwide.

No reference concerning these rocks exists, neither in mythology nor by some Greek or foreign historians.

This masterpiece of nature reveals all its glory for centuries as a unique geological phenomenon in beauty and an important monument of Orthodoxy.

What to see

In view of the sacred rock, the visitor is stunned by the impressive majesty of this gigantic stone complex. Meteora preserved treasures, relics and many miniatures. A representative sample is a miniature masterpiece carved iconostasis located in the Catholic Monastery of Agios Stefanos.

Historically of great interest are over a thousand manuscripts and precious value series of Byzantine and post-Byzantine documents are saved and preserved in the archives of the monasteries.

U.N.E.S.C.O has characterized the Holy Meteora as a “monument of Humanity that has to be maintained“. They don’t belong only to Greece but also to the entire world. The same is valid for the Mount Athos, the Mistra, the Holy Monastery of Saint Lucas etc. So, the monasteries of the Meteora are included in the Monuments of world cultural Heritage, because they are a unique harmonious matching of Byzantine architecture and natural beauty. The buildings of the monasteries seem like a continuance and a natural ending of the rocks. Furthermore, because they are a priceless artistic and heirloom treasure.


Rock climbing

Meteora is a world-class destination for rock climbing! Climb on Meteora and reach out to the sky!

Note: Climbers main commitment for Meteora : We climb on all rocks apart from the ones, where there are inhabited monasteries. A commitment that is kept seriously by everyone.


Hiking in unexplored paths in the dense forest with firs.

Rafting in the rivers,Venetikos, Aliakmonas, in the Valley of Tempeand Vernezi. Ideal downhill for beginners , children and the aged, with passages 1st and 2nd degree of difficulty.

Canyoning enjoy intense moments of high adrenaline, as well as relaxation and tranquillity in very impressive landscapes of rare beauty. Several different canyon sections of Olympus, Kissavos, Mavrovouni and Pilio.

Get to know the beauties of Meteora by bicycle. Ride through forgotten roads, old paths and ancestral villages.

Trekking river (walking in the riverbed) is a great activity  in the beautiful small rivers of Olympus.  You will see landscapes and locations unaffected by all human activities, you will swim in the crystal waters and will admire tall waterfalls.

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