Metsovo is one of the most picturesque mountain villages in Greece for good reason. It is situated among towering mountains and very close to the Pindos National Park (Valia Calda) and 2 ski resorts for winter sports enthusiasts.

Much of the growth achieved in Metsovo in the economic and cultural sector across the centuries is due to its apparent isolated position. Metsovo is located between Epirus and Thessaly in an area called Katara (curse) passage due to the difficulties people met when trying to go through it especially during winter time. Its importance was recognized by the Byzantine emperors as well as by the Ottoman sultans who were giving privileges to Metsovo residents in order to faciliate or sometimes allow the passage between western and eastern Greece.

Metsovo beyond the historical and rich cultural and spiritual tradition that characterizes it, has been known for several more reasons. The beauty of not only the landscape but of the village itself is an attraction for tourists. The village is built in an altitude of 1.200 meters and most houses are stone mansions, several of which have been renovated with great care and attention. It has a central square where a great number of events and festivals take place, especially during the summer months, while around it there are several restaurants with delicious meats, cafes and enough shops with folk art. Moreover, some inhabitants of Metsovo deal in a professional level in the arts of woodcaving and textiles which seem to “rejuvenate” because of the strong demand for their products by tourists

Cheese and dairy products

Before leaving Metsovo don’t forget to buy some “pounds” from the famous and reputed locally produced cheeses. Smoked Metsovone, Metsovella and Metsovisio cheese types are produced and found only in Metsovo.


Metsovo Ski Centres and folk art museum
If you are a sports and ecotourism lover, then you cannot miss:

  • The 2 Ski Resorts in the region, Karakoli (Karakoli Ski Center) and Politsies Ski Center
  • Averoff gallery which houses works by famous Greek artists
  • Folk art museum in the impressive mansion Tositsa


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