The amazing waterfalls of Greece

Greece is famous for its beaches and seas. What most of people don’t know is that almost 70% of the Greek mainland is full of mountains! This creates amazing waterfall in almost every single corner, not that big in size but definitely amazing!

From the most famous to the biggest secret, you can find all the Greek waterfalls below.


Panta Vrexei Waterfall, Karpenisi

The cold waters from the mountain Kaliakouda reach the river Krikelioti creating an amazing waterfall. Water don’t have the power that a waterfall requires, that is why local people call it “Panta Vrexei”, which means “Always raining”.


4 rivers are going through Edessa and create 12 waterfalls. Only 2 of them are reachable.

Epta Piges, Rhodes

Amazing place, full of water, creating a small lake but also a fabulous waterfall!

Palaiokaria, Trikala

The old and spectacular bridge of Palaiokarias is standing there for 16th century, creating a card postal scenery in the area.

Polilimnio, Messinia

A complex of lakes and waterfalls in the heart of Peloponnese.


The Neda gorge crosses the homonymous river that flows from the foothills of Lykaios, near the village of Petra, and is shared between Arcadia, Ilia and Messinia. Waters of river Neda follow an amazing route to reach Kuparissiako bay, covering almost 32km!

Orlias waterfalls, Olympus


Lakes, waterfalls and rivers are in between the mountain of Gods, giving even more mystery to this amazing place.


Full of water and almost 100% green, Samothraki has a lot of lakes and rivers from the mountain named Saos which heading to the sea. At their end they create natural pools and waterfalls.

Dimosari gorge, Leukada

Dimosari river crosses through Nidrio and ends to the sea. During its route it creates a beautiful green oasis into the gorge and an amazing waterfall at its highest point.

Drumona waterfalls, Evoia

Evoia is full of surprises! One of these is the Drymona waterfalls, based on about 620m height into the mountain!

Theodoriana, Ipeiros

Theodoriana is one of the most famous waterfalls in Greece. The thing with this is that traveler gets really surprise meeting the waterfall in the middle of the mountain Tzoumerka! The village close there (which obviously has the same name, Tzoumerka) has even more waterfalls on the other side, making itself a piece of art!

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