Parga is a picture-postcard resort with a delightful harbour, cobbled streets and pretty little whitewashed and red-roofed village houses surrounding the picturesque harbour.

Without doubt it the loveliest resort on the mainland of Greece’s north-western Preveza region. It nestles in a small, sweeping bay between green olive groves and the sea and is a favourite among Greeks as a holiday destination too. Holidays in Parga hold endless appeal for visitors of all ages and promise laid-back holidays with picture postcard vistas.


A big part of Parga Town’s appeal is its beaches. There’s Kryoneri, the busy town beach that faces Panagia Island. And right next door is its little sibling, Piso Kryoneri – a cove with a sand and pebble beach. Just over the headland is Valtos, a long sweep of sand with family credentials thanks to its safe swimming, tavernas and roll call of watersports.

What to see

In Parga, you’re only ever a few minutes away from the harbour. It ripples with life during the day, as little boats ferry in and out. If you dive into the labyrinth of streets behind the harbour, you’ll stumble on jewellery makers that are known throughout Greece. And at night the waterfront cranks things up a notch, as music bars, tavernas and kafenios, or coffee shops, fill up with a cosmopolitan mix of holidaymakers.

A 30-minute drive from Parga is the Acheron River, one of the most famous landmarks of the ancient world. It’s where the souls of the dead were believed to pass on their way to Hades, or the underworld. Along its banks you can visit the 5,000-year-old Necromanteion, a spooky temple where priests communicated with the dead.



Activities in the Acheron Valley

An idyllic landscape, the valley of Acheron, offers exactly what nature lovers need. Hiking, rafting, canyoning are just some of the activities one can enjoy in Parga. A unique landscape, an unforgettable experience, a trip that will be unforgettable.

From sailing across the sparkling Ionian Sea to visit other islands, to exploring the myths of the ancient Greeks, there’s lots of great things to do in Parga. If you’re happy to spend your time lounging around on the beach then Parga has some beautiful ones waiting for you. After a day in the sun, relax with a cocktail overlooking the picturesque harbour.

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