The 5 most bike friendly cities in Greece

bike friendly cities in Greece

Bike has been an integral part of our daily lives for decades. From a very young age we learn to ride a bike, using it as a means of entertainment. Many people also use it as a way of moving around in their daily lives to cycle to work, even as a hobby! But which cities have invested in this mode of transportation to help those who ride bicycles? Below you will find the 5 most bike friendly cities in Greece!


There is no more to say about a city where for many years, especially in the 1970s and 80s, the bike was the main wayof transportation. Larissa favors bicycle use, as it is a flat town on the Thessalian plain. That is why both the residents and the municipal authorities invested in this way of transportation and of course they were right!

There are thousands of bicycles in Larissa today, and the cycling network has been greatly expanded, making the city a reference point. At the same time, the pedestrianization of much of the city center makes more and more people turn to this way of transport. Finally, the municipality has provided parking and rental spaces, where anyone can rent a bike for a small fee and use it.

bike friendly cities in Greece


Another traditional bike-friendly town is Messolonghi. The city has also been dedicated to this mode of transport for many decades, and it is estimated that the number of bicycles may be as high as 40,000!

The fact that it is a flat and small town, where all distances are close, has greatly helped to develop the bike in Messolonghi. In addition, the city center is made up of dozens of small and narrow alleys, making the bike the only vehicle one can move. At the same time, moving around the city has another beauty thanks to the bicycle. Mesonghi is famous for its unique seaside beauty but also for its unique and untouched landscape. So a bike ride around the city will make you enjoy its scenery!


If there is a city that wins the credit for its unique cycling life, this is Karditsa. The bike lanes give the city an identity: Almost all roads have a gap of about 1.5 meters between the road and the pavement, of course dedicated to cyclists! The cycling network started in 2004 and has now spread throughout the city.

More than 40% of Karditsa’s population uses the bike daily, either as a hobby or as a way of transportation. Whether young people or people in suits going to work, even housewives, everyone is using bikes! At the same time there are several automated stations that motivate the citizens of Karditsa to turn to the bike!

bike friendly cities in Greece


Kos is called the island of cycling. The flat terrain of the island makes cycling an easy way of transportation for the many trips the visitor can enjoy. The bike is not only suitable for commuting, but also for sport and leisure.
Kos’s bike path starts from the beach of Faros and extends to the end of the beach of Psalidi, about 13 kilometers (!). With many sidewalks, some of which drive through the city of Kos, one can go wherever he wants, only by bicycle. Many locals prefer this particular commute to work, the beach, the cafeteria or just a stroll through the beautiful city.


Another flat city that favors cycling is Volos. It is a seaside town with a 15km cycling network, which in combination with the picturesque harbor makes cycling in the area pure magic! At the same time, bike rides are organized each week, and there are also points where everyone can get their own bike and enjoy the unique beauty of the ride.

The above may be mentioned as the most bike friendly cities in Greece, but this does not mean that all others are excluded. With almost 8 months of summer or at least good weather, cycling in Greece is a must. So don’t waste time, get a bike and see a different angle of each city!

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