The best road trips in Greece

I am a huge fan of road trips. Let’s start with that statement! I really enjoy the different scenes and images and emotions that a road trip can offer you. And another plus is that you plan your own and unique route based on your needs and most importantly on your mood!!

If are you thinking to have a road trip in Greece, I have attempted to drive through the majority of the mainland in Greece in 11 days! It was an amazing experience and I totally recommend to anyone that likes an adventure to select a route and make it happen!!

So, before recommending some routes, let us provide with some tips that will help to prepare for the road trip.

  • Renting a car is quite easy in Greece and normally most of the companies provide unlimited km.
  • Decide how many hours do you want to drive a very time. You could also have 1 or 2 rest days, just to relax!
  • When I design the route I just make 3 categories based on the time I have. The 1st category is if you have a very limited time to spend, the 2nd if you have a little bit more and the 3rd  in case that we have plenty of time and we want to go a little bit off track!  

I selected the best routes, I recommend places and beaches and I also have included some maps with the specific routes!

Best Routes


Peloponnese is one amazing place, with many contrasts, It has a beautiful mainland with mountains, rivers, waterfall, gorges and even ski centres! But also has an amazing coast with nice beaches and great history!

1rdcategory: Epidavros theatre – Nafplio – Mycenae and Tiryns – Mystras –Areopoli- Methoni- Archaia Olympia

2nd category: Kardamyli – Koroni – Temple of Apollo Epicurus at Bassae – Voidokilia- Monemvasia – Ancient Messini

3rd category: Ermioni – Porto Cheli – Pylos – Cave Dirou – Cape Tainaro – Mani in Lakonia – Neda –  Polylimnio Waterfalls – Gerolimenas

Find below the map with the places on our 1st category. Feel free to add some other places that we recommend so you will make your own itinerary!

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