How to train for an obstacle race

train for an obstacle race

As with any new type of race, the training information required for obstacle races is confusing. And most may be competing for experience and fun, but competition is often not lacking! Below you will find basic information on how to train for an obstacle race.

Get Running

In many cases this seems obvious, but many athletes focus on how to become better at the hurdles and forget that it is a running race! Whether you are running the 5km, 10km or half marathon, you should always have the appropriate running training so your body can meet the requirements of the race.

An important note here is that running on stage will not help much, as most hurdles are on rough terrain. So take the mountains!

Work on your power

Obstacles many times beyond the mind also require strength. So this is something you can work on in the gym. Do strength training exercises for your back, shoulders, and hands, as they will greatly help you improve your performance during the race.

train for an obstacle race

Jump Around

Certainly in running, outdoor exercise on rough terrain will help you, but also an important factor that you should also put into your daily routine is jumps. Start with simple exercises, such as jumping on a cube in the gym. You can then go a step further by jumping over small streams, bushes, etc. It is important to work the ankles and calves in this type of exercise, as otherwise you may encounter injury problems during the race.


It is more than certain that in order to complete an obstacle race, you will need teamwork. Try to work in teams and avoid personal training, as wyou will definetely need help during the race. Find athletes, do running workouts and fitness exercises together, help each other to get better.

Practise Your Burpees

Burpees are one of the most difficult and demanding exercises you can do. But at the same time, it is also the ideal way to train for obstacle races.

In addition to strengthening important parts of the body, such as the legs and arms, you simultaneously hit the ground and then jump into the air again, which is an important parameter in hurdles! Start with light exercise and when you get to the point of being a ‘pro’ then you’re ready for the next hurdle race!

Obstacle races are a special category of exercise, with a strong commitment to the goal and a mix of fitness and strength. How to train properly for an obstacle race depends greatly on both your goal and your willingness to focus on this type of training.

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