Tyros is a traditional fishing village found in the region of Arcadia in the Eastern Peloponnese. it is one of a handful of villages, sandwiched between Mount Parnon and the sea, which form the district of Tsakonia where the ancient Tsakonic dialect is still spoken. Tyros municipality includes Paralia Tyrou (the coastal area), Ano Tyros (on the lower slopes of Mount Parnon), Sapounakaiika and the nearby village of Pera Melana. The picturesque seaside villages of Livadi and Sampatiki are a little further along the coast about 15 minutes’ drive away from Tyros.

The main occupation has traditionally been agriculture: visitors to Tyros can buy local products such as olive oil, honey, Tsakonian cheese and traditional hand-woven materials.   In recent years tourism has grown in Tyros and there are numerous small hotels, tavernas and bars along the seafront which can be very busy in the months of July and August.

The best time to visit is Spring to include the fantastic Easter celebrations especially Good Friday with the processions along the seafront accompanied by the local fishing boats. Autumn is also good when it is quieter but the sea is still warm. As a living village it does not close through the Winter either and is worth visiting to explore from here the surrounding mountain wilderness with spectacular monasteries.


What to see

At one end of the bay is the harbour, which has recently been upgraded and extended to cater to the seasonal flotilla business. Actually what happened is the local fishermen took over the new berths and left the flotilla on the far side of the harbour so that any of the noisy gin palace parties do not disturb the Greek families in the hotels! A walk to the end of the harbour is a must as it gives you a spectacular panoramic view of the bay and the encircling mountains and villages. At the harbour end there is also a good amphitheatre that is used regularly for local events, dancing, music and theatre. The local community always lay on a number of events through the summer and it is a great way to join in the fun as most of the events are free.

You can take short drives from Tyros where you can visit  small villages and wander the back streets and take in the views over the Gulf.

Drive directly up from Tyros crossroads to Ano Tyros. Park just as you enter the top village and walk through the village  to the windmill and back.

Drive up to Sapounakeika and park in the plateia near the Konatsi Taverna and wander down to the spring and up the back streets in a circle back to the Taverna.

Melana is 15 minutes South of Tyros, a ttraditional protected village with a small folklore museum and coffee shop. Park below the plateia and walk up into the village and continue down passed the spring and over to the other side of the village with lovely sea views. Stop for a mountain tea or local tsipouro at the kafenion on the way back to the car. To visit the museum ask at the coffee shop and the local guide will open it and show you around.

Pragmateftis a little further South a village perched on a ridge high above Livadi bay. Park near the school when you 1st enter the village and wander the streets upwards to the old kafenion for a beer and a photo opportunity.

The trip to Kosmas is one of the most spectacular drives in Greece and you pass the Monastery of Panagia Elona, built in an enormous cave on the rock face of the Dafnon River Gorge, which rivals the monasteries of Meteora.

The natural spring in Lake Mostou is part of the Mostou Natural Wetlands, a protected area which contains a large number of birds and other wildlife. Nearby is the beach town of Paralia Astros with its medieval castle and Archaeological museum and a coast road and harbor dotted with fish tavernas and fast food joints a popular holiday destination for Peloponesians and Athenians.



Visit the pre-historic walls of Kastro on the hill above Tyros harbour. This is about an hours walk and gives fabulous views over the windmills to the Argolida, Spetses and Hydra across the gulf.

Trikeri path to the North of Tyros. You can park just off the road and do either the straight path out and back overlooking Tyros bay ( 1 hour) or you can do the circular path that is marked in orenge from the parking that takes you around in around 2/3 hours. The first option is especially good early morning or evening time.

A local village walk can be arranged to start and finish from your hotel taking 3 hours or you can arrange in advance for a longer trip.

If you are fun of races, then Tyros Run and Tyros Triathlon take place every season, offering amazing weekends to run and triathlon lovers!

Moreover, Tyros is the base of Travel2Peloponnese, a local outdoor-activities agency that offers a variety of activities in the wider area. You can do seak kayaking, snorkelling, hiking, even climbing at the close village of Leonidio!

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