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What is the main purpose of Outdoor Activities
Sports – Health – Fun

Our Team

Our team – Includes professionals from the sports field with experience and knowledge.


We work closely with the biggest and most popular sports companies in Greece.

Our Goals

Our targets – The development and promotion of sports tourism and events in Greece.


We always try to update the information provided and to offer world class customer service.

For many people, sports is just a good way to stay healthy. For us is a way of life. It is experiences we enjoy alone or with friends, meeting new people and become one with the nature. That is why we created this website, to bring all of you who have the same energy and passion about sports closer.

We believe that the combination of sports and tourism is ideal and we are here to make you part of it.

Our motto is Sports-Health-Fun! and we are here to make you part of it.


At the same time our passion for sports like triathlon, hiking, mountain bike, windsurfing and many more motivate us to become better and at the same time to be kept updated.
Our aim is to provide all the relevant information required to make your adventure trip successful.
Your recognition is our reward!

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